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Welcome to Insight Twenty20

Insight Twenty20 is a locally owned and operated limited liability corporation. We offer onsite mystery shopping services to businesses in Hawaii. We have built a long-term partnership with many of Hawaii’s high profile businesses. Our clients use the feedback to maintain premium customer service satisfaction, track progress and recognize and/or reward employee performance.

Our Mystery Shoppers

Insight Twenty20 implements an intensive selection process to retain “cream of the crop” mystery shoppers. This includes initial discussion, orientation and thorough background checks. Our highly qualified mystery shoppers span various demographics and can easily blend into any scenario to fit your business customer base and environment. We also have mystery shoppers in Hawaii who specialize in foreign languages to play the part of the “unsuspecting tourist”. Many of our Insight Twenty20 shoppers have over 10+ years of mystery shopping experience.


Interested in becoming an Insight Twenty20 shopper?

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