ABC Stores

“Insight Twenty20’s feedback has helped us tremendously in monitoring our level of services and enforcement of company policies and procedures at the store level. The program has also enabled us to recognize and reward outstanding performance, as well as make necessary changes for further improvement at the service level.”

Alan Wong’s Restaurant

“Insight Twenty20 has provided us with a better understanding of what our customers are experiencing, if our training works, and what we need to work on for that guest experience so that they come back again. It’s great to have an extension of eyes, ears and observations on the floor; it’s like having another manager on the floor. We have a personalized audit form tailored to each of our operations. This kind of flexible service is important because all of our guest experiences may be different. I have enjoyed our relationship with Insight Twenty20’s president over these years. Her professionalism and diligence in helping us to ultimately improve our guest experience and satisfaction has been invaluable.” – Chef Alan Wong

Big City Diner

“Insight Twenty20 keeps our staff on the ball and lets them see how our customers view our food, service and establishment. We use the mystery shopper evaluations as a learning tool for continual training.”

Top of Waikiki

“Insight Twenty20 has helped us with our food and service evaluations for many years now. With their invaluable assistance, we have been able to win many awards and recognition. They have consistently helped us strive for the top.”